Symptoms of Gingivitis

Elder Care in Spanish Fort

Making sure your elderly loved one’s teeth and gums stay healthy is an important task. Find Elder Care in Spanish Fort, AL.

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What’s the Best Way to Manage Cancer Related Anemia?

Elder Care in Daphne AL: Manage Cancer Related Anemia

Elder Care in Daphne AL: When an older adult is diagnosed with cancer and begins cancer treatment, you probably expect them to feel more tired than usual. Fatigue is extremely common with cancer, affecting around 76 percent of cancer patients.

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Is Sleep Apnea Common in Elderly Adults?

Home Care Services in Daphne AL: Sleep Apnea

Home Care Services in Daphne AL: One of the most common sleep disorders for adults is sleep apnea, and it is especially common in seniors over the age of 65. Sleep apnea may not seem like such a big deal to a person’s health and wellness, but it can lead to some serious health issues.

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