The Best Cardiovascular Exercises For Seniors

Home Care in Fairhope

Home Care in Fairhope

October is Healthy Lung Month. Now is a fantastic time for seniors to think about ways to be more active and improve their cardiovascular health. Exercise is one of the key components of health as people get older. Exercise helps control weight, maintain muscle tone, and improve flexibility and mobility.

Seniors may not be able to run 10 miles a day like they used to. But getting at least 30 minutes of light to moderate cardio activity per day is important. Doctors recommend seniors get at least that much exercise per week, but more is better. Seniors may need to adjust their workouts as they get older, developing health conditions that can impact their movement. But for most seniors, the best cardio exercises they can do to stay healthy are:


Walking is a fantastic cardio exercise for seniors, because almost any senior can go for a walk. Seniors can walk anywhere without any special equipment or clothing, except a good pair of shoes. Those who are aging in place can take advantage of sidewalks and walking trails in their neighborhood.

Seniors with home care may want to ask their care provider to go for a walk with them to help them stay on track. It will also make the walk more fun. Having someone to help motivate your senior loved one to exercise is one of the benefits of home care.


Golf is another excellent cardio exercise for seniors. While it might not seem like golf is a very strenuous workout, it involves a lot of walking. It also works almost all major muscle groups in the body, while also keeping seniors walking and moving for several hours. Golf is one of the best exercises for seniors.


Rowing might seem like a strange choice of exercise for seniors. However, it’s really a fantastic, no-impact cardio workout. Seniors with mobility problems that make walking difficult can be stationary and still get a great workout using a high-quality rowing machine. The motion of rowing works the core and back, as well as the arms. The intensity of the workout is great for improving the health of the heart and lungs. Seniors can go to a gym to row or invest in a home rowing machine so they can work out at home.


Cycling is another great choice when it comes to finding cardio exercise for seniors. Seniors who want the benefits of cycling can use a stationary cycling machine to get those benefits. Benefits such as improved muscle tone in the legs and better circulation, as well as better heart and lung health, are worth the effort. A stationary bike is a great option for seniors that doesn’t take up too much space. Or, seniors can try a pedaling machine that they can use while sitting on the couch or in a comfortable chair.

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