Is Your Senior Dealing with Allergies More Frequently?

People can develop allergies at any stage of life, but it might still shock you or your senior for her to be dealing with a sudden issue around allergens. Elder Care can be a huge help to your senior with allergies. If your senior is experiencing allergic reactions more often, you’re going to need to become a bit of a detective to help her to find the right answers. Allergen testing might be part of that solution, and there might be other steps you need to take, too.


Elder Care in Bay Minette AL: Allergies

Elder Care in Bay Minette AL: Allergies


Determine What She’s Allergic To

Figuring out what your senior is allergic to might be easy in some situations, but more difficult in others. If she has an obvious reaction after exposure to something like a cat or a dog, that might be easy to spot. Dust allergies, allergies to particular plants, and other types of allergies might not be as easy to determine without a full-on allergy test. Your senior’s doctor can help her to understand exactly what’s triggering her allergy attacks so that she can take specific measures to be as comfortable as possible.

Reduce Exposure to Allergens

Some allergens are easier to avoid than others are. Dust is everywhere, for instance, but lots of people are still allergic to it. Having an understanding of what causes allergic reactions for your senior can help, though, because you at least have a plan of action. Doing things like leaving windows closed on windy days can help immensely if your senior has a grass allergy. Bringing in-home care assistance to help with household tasks may also be something that helps quite a bit.

Determine What Else Might Help

There could be other steps you can take, too. Remembering to take her allergy medications consistently, if those work for her, can be a key for your elderly family member. Home care assistance can be beneficial in helping your senior to establish solid routines that enable her to hit all the to-dos in her care plan. If your elderly family member’s allergens are particularly dangerous for her, as in they could cause an anaphylactic response, then having senior care providers available is a huge safety solution.

Your elderly family member may not be able to always avoid all of the different things that she’s allergic to. But having a plan to reduce some of the allergens and find other solutions is going to do a lot to help her to be as allergy-free as possible.

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