4 Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment That Are Great For Seniors

Senior Home Care in Robertsdale

Senior Home Care in Robertsdale

Seniors need to exercise to stay healthy. But for some seniors, getting to the gym regularly can be a challenge. Other seniors may have health challenges that make it easier to workout at home. And other seniors may just want to stay at home and still get the activity they need to stay healthy. Seniors can get a good workout at home, without spending a fortune on exercise equipment. With just these basics, seniors can enjoy various exercises that will help them stay healthy without getting bored:

A Sturdy Weight Set

Strength training is a fantastic exercise for seniors. Strength training helps seniors maintain or build muscle tone without any stress to their joints. And as seniors build muscle, they will burn more calories. Strength training and other weight bearing exercises also help seniors maintain their flexibility and mobility as they get older. A good weight set for seniors should have weight that starts at just two pounds and goes upwards from there. Seniors should always get professional advice before starting strength training.

Stretching Bands

Gentle stretching exercises like yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates can be fantastic ways for seniors to maintain their flexibility and strength. Stretching bands can be used to modify some poses to make them easier for seniors with physical challenges. They can also provide resistance in varying degrees to make workouts and stretches more effective. Usually bands come in a pack of five or more with different levels of resistance. If your senior loved one has senior home care, the care provider can ensure your senior parent is using the band best suited for their strength level.

Recumbent Bike

Seniors who want a cardio workout at home that isn’t too strenuous or too hard on their backs will enjoy having a recumbent bike. When seniors workout on a recumbent bike, they get the many benefits of cycling or pedaling on a stationary bike. But they can lay back to make proper positioning of the legs easier. Using the recumbent bike is a great way for seniors with chronic circulation issues, back problems, or overweight to get cardio exercise at home. And because the recumbent bike has almost no impact on joints, it’s a good form of exercise for people with arthritis or joint problems. Just make sure your senior loved one has a professional set up the bike, so it’s safe and secure. A senior home care provider can help your senior loved one get on and off the bike if needed.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is a surprisingly effective way to burn calories for seniors. And because rowing is zero impact, it can be done by almost any senior. A good rowing machine can help seniors burn hundreds of extra calories without causing joint pain or damage. Rowing is also a great way for seniors to build muscle and maintain strength in their arms and shoulders.

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