Senior Hygiene: How Can You Help Your Senior to Keep Her Hair Clean?

Senior Hygiene: One of the tasks you might not have thought much about in the past is washing your senior’s hair for her.

That might be something that she’s handled on her own for quite a long time, which is another factor that can make it difficult for your senior to trust you with this very personal task. You may be able to work out a system that helps you to maintain her hair the way she likes it, which is so important for her self-esteem and senior hygiene.


Senior Care in Foley AL: Hair Cleaning

Senior Care in Foley AL: Hair Cleaning

Use Dry Shampoo Regularly

Dry shampoo has come a long way from its cakey, smudgy beginnings. Today’s dry shampoos are easy to use and help to absorb oil and help your senior’s hair to stay clean in between washings. Follow the directions on the bottle and spray lightly. Afterward, you’ll want to brush the loose dry shampoo out of her hair.

Comb or Brush Your Senior’s Hair to Remove Tangles

Every day it’s a good idea to brush or comb the tangles from your senior’s hair. This helps to prevent small tangles from becoming large knots that are painful and difficult to remove. If your senior’s hair is prone to tangling, consider using a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner to help ease the detangling. Set a regular time for doing this, either in the morning as part of getting dressed or as a task before bed.

Senior Hygiene: More Thorough Washes May Need to Be Done in a Sink

If showering isn’t an option for your senior anymore, those more thorough washes might be done in a kitchen or bathroom sink. You may want to have a chair or a stool ready for her so that she can sit comfortably while you gently wash her hair. Sometimes even this might be too much for your senior, so you may need to explore other options, like washing her hair in bed. This is easier with plenty of towels and a spray bottle.


Senior Hygiene: Get Some Experienced Help

Sometimes seniors and family caregivers run out of patience when it comes to simple tasks that have gotten a lot more difficult. If that’s happening with you and your elderly family member, it might be time to bring in senior care providers to help with senior hygiene. They’re excellent at improvising ways to handle personal care tasks in a safe and easy way for your senior.

Hair washing is important for aesthetic and emotional reasons, but it’s also a hygiene issue. Your senior needs to be able to have a clean scalp and clean hair.


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