Senior Home Care Aides Assist With Several Household Chores

Your mom wants to stay in her home, but it’s a bit too big for her to manage on her own. She has a hard time balancing a vacuum on the stairs. She can’t lift the corner of a mattress in order to place the fitted sheet on correctly. Is Senior Care an option?


Senior Care in Daphne AL: Home Care Aides

Senior Care in Daphne AL: Home Care Aides


Have you looked into the benefits of hiring professional caregivers for housekeeping? Here are the different services they offer.


Changing Sheets and Making Beds

Caregivers can change your mom’s sheets each week and make her bed. If she needs her bed made, consider it done. If it’s time for a full change to clean sheets, that’s always an option. You can arrange weekly sheet changes and daily bedmaking if that’s best. Her caregiver can also fluff pillows and transfer all dirty sheets and pillowcases to the laundry hamper for laundry day.


Cooking Meals and Preparing Snacks

Your mom may have difficulty cooking meals for herself. If that’s true, she can have caregivers help her plan a weekly menu, shop for groceries, and prepare the meals and snacks she has throughout the week.

Caregivers can carry groceries in from the car and put them away in the freezer, refrigerator, and cupboards. The caregiver can wash and dry dishes or load the dishwasher when your mom has eaten.


Dusting and Sanitizing Surfaces

Your mom’s counters and solid surfaces like sinks, faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches, and remotes can be sanitized. Her caregiver can use a disinfecting wipe to kill viruses and bacteria that can make your mom ill.

Furnishings like entertainment centers and bookshelves get dusty. Your mom can hire a caregiver to dust these items for her each week. The caregiver can use an extending duster or rag to dust furniture, ceiling blade fans, blinds, and hardwood tables and shelves.


Tidying Clutter

Her caregivers can get and organize the mail for your mom. If she has piles of clean laundry, her caregiver can put things where they go. Clutter like newspapers, recyclables, etc. can also be put where they belong or carried outside to the recycling bin.


Vacuuming Carpets

Your mom may not find it easy to push a vacuum around her home, so she can have a senior home care aide vacuum her carpeted floors for her. Her caregiver can also sweep or dry mop hardwood floors.


Washing and Drying Clothes and Linens

Dirty laundry can be sorted and washed each week. Once it’s washed and dried, the caregiver can fold things and put them away. If your mom has items that need ironing, her caregiver can do that, too.

Talk to a senior home care specialist about your mom’s need for housekeeping services. A caregiver will stop by as needed to clean the home, change sheets, make her bed, and do the laundry. A senior home care advisor will go over prices and schedules.


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