Learn More About National Alzheimer’s Disease Month

If you are a new family caregiver for an aging parent that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you may be worried about what the future holds for both of you. The best way to prepare for what develops over the next several years is to get educated, learning about the disease and treatments and separating fact from fiction. Then, it’s your responsibility to make others in your family and your community aware of the information and promote a more informed population when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease awareness and elderly care.


Home Care Services in Mobile AL: National Alzheimer's Month

Home Care Services in Mobile AL: National Alzheimer’s Month


What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that breaks down brain cells and eventually affects cognitive functions. There are more than 5 million Americans that are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease and there is no known cure. Medication can help slow down the progression of the disease and supportive services can help with strategies to cope, for both the affected elderly person and their family caregivers.

What are the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

While most people think of Alzheimer’s disease as sudden and debilitating, the truth is that people can live well with the condition for many years. Early diagnosis is the key to getting effective treatment, but since so many people are not familiar with the early symptoms, elderly adults are often diagnosed too late for medicine to be very effective. Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include challenges in problem-solving, memory loss, confusing time and location, trouble with spatial relationships, poor judgment or inability to retrace steps. Their personality may change from typical to irritated, confused, angry, anxious, fearful or suspicious. These are atypical things that should be distinct from common conditions you might notice during elderly care.

How is Alzheimer’s Disease Treated?

Medical researchers have learned a lot about Alzheimer’s disease. There are plenty of medications that can treat the brain and delay the onset when an early diagnosis is made. When the diagnosis comes in at the later stages of the disease, the medication is much less effective. Many family caregivers and elderly people ignore the early symptoms and don’t seek treatment until the condition greatly interferes with their lives. The drugs in use for Alzheimer’s treatment today are quite effective at preventing or slowing further brain damage. Perhaps one of the biggest myths about Alzheimer’s disease is that it cannot be treated.

How to Promote Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease?

It’s so important to support the education and awareness efforts during National Alzheimer’ Disease month because the topic deserves more support than ever. You and other family caregivers can spread the word about early symptoms, treatment options and more via social media and face to face conversations. There are all kinds of activities and events locally and nationally during the month of November to raise awareness for this dreaded disease. To erase the myths and misunderstandings about Alzheimer’s disease, everyone needs to take some time and learn more about National Alzheimer’s Disease Month.


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