Immobilization Issues Your Elderly Loved One Might Encounter

Immobilization can lead to many issues in a senior citizen’s life.

It can make it difficult for them to move around by themselves and lead to many other issues, as well. If you are caring for your elderly loved one and they are immobilized, it is important that you and caregivers do your best to look out for certain health issues. The sooner these things are noticed, the sooner you can help get the immobilization taken care of for your elderly loved one.


Caregiver in Daphne AL: Immobilization

Caregiver in Daphne AL: Immobilization


Bed Sores

One of the many immobilization issues that your elderly loved one might encounter is bed sores. These are much more common than you and other family caregivers might think. Since your elderly loved one is immobilized, they aren’t able to move around much. They are lying around for a long time and not able to move much. This is how the bedsores develop. Generally, these sores occur on the areas of the body that have pressure applied to them constantly. Mostly, they are seen on the buttocks, shoulder blades, back of the head, and heels. However, bedsores can happen on different parts of the body, as well. If bedsores occur on your elderly loved one’s body, infections can happen. Be sure you or the caregivers get treatment for your elderly loved one right away.


Many people who are immobilized will become nauseated and have indigestion, too. These are things that happen because the body doesn’t move around enough. If a person’s body is sitting or laying down for an extended period of time, they will have a slowed metabolism. This also means that nutrients aren’t moving throughout their body as well. When this happens, the body can’t properly digest food. Since the food isn’t being digested quickly enough, it can cause your elderly loved one to feel sicker than usual.


Pneumonia is a huge problem for many people who are immobilized. If your elderly loved one is in the same spot for an extended period of time, fluid may start to gather in their lungs. When this happens, an infection can develop, as well. Over time, the infection can lead to pneumonia. If you or any of the caregivers realize that your elderly loved one is coughing, has labored breathing, or is wheezing, be sure you get them to a doctor immediately.

Immobilization: Conclusion

These are some of the immobilization issues that many elderly people face. If you notice any of these issues in your elderly loved one, you should make sure they get the proper treatments.


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