Home Care Aides Help Seniors Improve Quality of Life

Home Care: How important is ‘quality of life?’

Most people -when they stop and actually think about it- would say it’s very important. In fact, the majority of people, want to enjoy each day, have a purpose to get up and be supported by their friends and family. For aging seniors and other disabled adults who may struggle to do certain daily tasks, home care can help them improve their quality of life.


Home Care in Spanish Fort AL: Home Care

Home Care in Spanish Fort AL: Home Care


Doesn’t family do this?

Sometimes, yes. However, in most situations, a family caregiver will be more focused on keeping their aging loved one safe than on whether they’re happy. Too often, the primary, even singular, focus among family caregivers is to ensure their elderly mother or father or brother or spouse or grandparent -whoever it is- doesn’t have a mishap (or another one).
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with securing someone you love and helping them stay safe. Unfortunately, when that’s your main and sometimes only focus, it can cause a lot of friction in the relationship. It can cause the senior to resent the help and support they were once relieved to receive.


So, how do home care aides improve quality of life?

They do this through their experience. Most family members who take on the incredibly difficult and crucial role of caring for an aging loved one has never done this work before. They don’t know where to start, only that this senior needs help.
A home care aide who works for an agency has (most likely) worked with many, many aging seniors by the time they support this other individual. They already know not only how important it is to keep them safe, but how vital it is to support them and their life.
Life isn’t merely about surviving one more day; it’s about enjoying it, fulfilling purpose, and maintain quality of living.


Elderly care aides find out what the senior would want to do.

This doesn’t mean they’re going to allow or help the senior do all the things he or she might want to do. What it means is they listen. Not all family members do, especially when they are more focused on keeping their mother or father -for example- safe.
When home care aides know what their clients would want to do, and they see it as possible, with their support, they often encourage those pursuits. This helps the senior feel empowered, as though their life still matters (which it does).

Home care aides sometimes drive clients to visit with friends.

A busy family caregiver who is already working multiple jobs to make ends meet isn’t going to have the time or the desire to drive this senior to visit with friends, or to the senior center in town.
That doesn’t mean they don’t care, but that they don’t have time. For home care aides who also offer transportation for their clients, it’s part of their job, and they love helping these aging men and women still enjoy the simple things in life that are too easy to overlook.

It’s those simple pleasures, those seemingly innocuous activities, that improve quality of life, and home care can make it happen.


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