4 Reasons to Help Seniors Avoid Sugary Drinks

You’ve no doubt heard that sugary drinks are considered a poor beverage choice. That’s true not just for yourself, but also for your aging family member. Though you might have heard that people should avoid sugary drinks, you may not know why.


Elderly Care in Spanish Fort AL: Avoiding Sugary Drinks

Elderly Care in Spanish Fort AL: Avoiding Sugary Drinks


Below are 4 reasons to choose beverages that aren’t loaded with sugar.


#1 Sugary Drinks Increase the Risk for Heart Disease

New research indicates that drinking sugary drinks increases a person’s risk for heart disease. That’s because they can cause weight gain. Obesity is one of the risk factors for heart disease. Weight gain can also increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndromes.

In a 20-year study of 120,000 people, those who increased the number of sugary drinks they consumed by one 12-ounce drink each day gained more weight than those who did not change the amount they drank.

Another study involving 40,000 men showed that those who drank just one soft drink per day had a 20 percent greater chance of experiencing a heart attack.


#2 They’re Loaded with Empty Calories

The calories in a soft drink don’t make a person feel full in the same way that the same number of calories consumed in food would. As a result, people who drink sugary beverages tend to eat more calories. About 25 percent of Americans get at least 200 calories per day through soft drinks. 5 percent drink 567 calories per day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 52 percent of those calories are consumed at home and 48 percent are consumed out.


#3 People Who Drink Sugary Drinks Often Eat a Poor Diet

Research indicates that people who drink soft drinks generally eat a poorer quality diet overall.


#4 Soft Drinks Raise the Risk for Gout

A study in which researchers followed 80,000 women for 22 years showed that participants who drank a soft drink each day had a 75 percent higher chance of developing gout than the women who rarely drank them.

If your aging family member is prone to reaching for a sugary drink, a senior care provider can help them to make better choices. A senior care provider can offer healthy drinks, like ice water, herbal tea, or infused water. Sometimes people reach for a sugary drink because it’s easy and convenient to grab a can and pop the top. A senior care provider can make other drinks more convenient by preparing them for the older adult and keeping them easily on hand.


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