Ways For Seniors To Fight Those Holiday Blues

Companion Care at Home Spanish Fort AL - Ways For Seniors To Fight Those Holiday Blues

Companion Care at Home Spanish Fort AL – Ways For Seniors To Fight Those Holiday Blues

A lot of people struggle with their mental health during the holiday season. The period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year can be a difficult time for seniors, especially seniors who have lost a partner or spouse and whose children live far away. Seniors often will get depressed during this time but not say anything or seek help because they think it’s just the season or that it’s just part of aging. But seniors don’t have to suffer through the holiday season or be alone. Companion care at home service is a great option for seniors who are alone and struggling during the holidays.

And there are things that seniors can do to fight the holiday blues and those seasonal feelings of anxiety and depression such as:

Companion Care At Home

When seniors are feeling alone and anxious during the holiday season having companion care at home can ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. A companion who visits daily and does things with your senior loved one like go shopping, go out and get some hot chocolate or seasonal treats, go to movies, drive through local holiday light shows, and other seasonal fun activities can really lift your senior parent’s spirits and keep them from becoming sad and depressed during the holiday season.

Seniors Support Groups

There are lots of support groups for seniors who have lost a spouse or partner, siblings, and friends. Seniors can connect with other seniors who have had the same experiences they have had and find strength and friendships. Often senior support groups meet at a senior center, public school building, community center, or church. The local senior center should have a list of local support groups for seniors and know when they meet.

Professional Counseling

Some seniors have a hard time getting professional help because they don’t believe in professional counseling or therapy. That’s a generational belief that can be difficult to overcome. But with some encouragement, your senior parent may be willing to give professional counseling a try. You may want to make appointments with several counseling professionals in the area and have your senior parent meet with several counselors to find one that they really connect with.

Adopt A Pet

If your senior loved one really doesn’t want to be around people and doesn’t trust professional therapy adopting a pet is a great way to get some unconditional love therapy. Senior pets around the country are waiting to be adopted. And senior pets and seniors are a great combination. They usually have about the same energy level, enjoy naps, and want lots of snacks. With a new pet to provide love and companionship seniors often feel rejuvenated. And spending time with their pet will keep them from being lonely during the holiday season and throughout the year. Just make sure that they are choosing a pet that will fit their lifestyle and physical abilities. For example, a senior who can’t go for daily walks may be better off adopting a senior cat instead of a senior dog that would need daily walks.

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