Aging Adults and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness 

Pancreatic cancer claims thousands of lives each year.

There’s no better time for family caregivers with elderly relatives that they care for to learn all they can about this devastating disease. It’s not hard to find information about pancreatic cancer as there are many medical professionals and national organizations that work hard to educate family members and patients on the details of this terrible disease. By spreading the word, communities can come together to support those with pancreatic cancer, help fund more research and educate others of all ages about the disease.


Caregiver in Fairhope AL

Caregiver in Fairhope AL: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness


What is Pancreatic Cancer?

The pancreas is a gland that helps with digestion by producing acid and hormones. Pancreatic cancer is cancer that starts in the pancreas, a gland that produces digestive juices and hormones. It is primarily found in elderly people and is currently the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the country. Like all cancers, there are far too many people adversely affected by pancreatic cancer, and scientists need to work even harder for better treatment methods as well as a cure.

Nearly two-thirds of new cases of pancreatic cancer are discovered in people more than 65 years old. While there have been great strides in early diagnosis and treatment, pancreatic cancer still translates into one of the lowest survival rates for patients. Interestingly, there haven’t been many studies done on seniors with pancreatic cancer. Since elderly people are most at risk but have the least research done on them, family caregivers have even more reasons to learn all they can.


Awareness and Education Can Save Lives

Medical experts and pancreatic cancer awareness groups have the goal to double the survival rates for pancreatic cancer patients. They are also interested in boosting research and supporting patients and their families. Family caregivers can get more information at their local clinics and hospitals, where they can get literature on the early symptoms and latest treatments. There are numerous websites on pancreatic cancer awareness as well. On social media, people with personal experience with pancreatic cancer often tell to tell their stories to aid and inspire others.

There’s no reason for family caregivers and their elderly relatives to put off learning about pancreatic cancer in seniors. Then, they can join in to educate others in hopes of early detection. The more voices that come together about pancreatic cancer, the better opportunities there will be to make a real impact.


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