What to Expect From Elder Care Services

Benefits: Elder Care Fairhope AL

Benefits: Elder Care Fairhope AL

Your dad’s health has changed, and he has a harder time taking care of daily chores that used to be easy. He doesn’t have to move. He can stay in his home and have a helping hand from elder care aides. These are the services that can help him age at home.

Medication Reminders

Your dad has several medications to take each day, but he’s not very good at remembering them. You call to remind him, but you’re not certain he actually follows through. When you count pills during your visit, you find he’s missed several days.

Elder care providers can stop by and remind him to take his pills. If he needs to take them on an empty stomach, his caregiver will make sure he takes them before he eats a meal. If he needs them with a meal, his caregiver can prepare it.

Hygiene and Grooming

Sometimes, the things that are hardest to do without help are aspects of daily hygiene and grooming. Your dad has a hard time bending over to trim his toenails. He cannot reach into the back of his mouth to floss his teeth.

Your dad can’t reach up to shampoo his hair. He can’t shave his face. All of these personal care tasks are things elder care aides can help complete each morning.

Meals and Snacks

Your dad doesn’t cook, but that doesn’t mean he has to rely on ready-to-eat, take-out, or frozen dinners. He’ll talk to his caregiver about the meals he enjoys, plan a weekly menu, shop for missing ingredients, and prepare meals and snacks when it’s time.


One of the first services to consider involves housekeeping. Your dad may be okay with some household chores, but others may be too difficult. He can dust, but he cannot balance a vacuum on the stairs while cleaning them.

Caregivers can sweep floors, change the sheets and towels, and wash dishes. They can do the laundry, iron anything that needs it, and fold or hang items before putting them away. Your dad’s bed is made, his trash and recycling are taken outside, and his counters and sinks are wiped and disinfected.


One of the harder aspects of getting older is the loss of the ability to drive. Your dad’s health or vision has changed and his doctor tells him to stop driving. He hates the idea of being stuck at home.

His caregiver can drive him. If he wants to go to the store, his caregiver can drive him. If he wants to go to a senior center’s social event, it’s possible. His elder care aide can also drive him to medical and dental appointments and drive him back home.

Now that you better understand what elder care services offer, talk to an advisor. You’ll get answers regarding prices and scheduling for the elder care services that your dad needs.

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