Top Personality Changes That Happen with Dementia

Does your elderly loved one have dementia?

If so, they have a higher risk of developing many health issues. You might be concerned about the more severe ones such as organ health issues. However, you may want to learn more about the personality changes that can happen with dementia, too. By learning about these changes, you can be better prepared before they happen. When and if the more severe changes occur, senior care can be there as little or as often as they need to help manage their new normal.


Senior Care in Robertsdale AL: Dementia

Senior Care in Robertsdale AL: Dementia



If your elderly loved one has dementia, one of the issues they may have is becoming more aggressive. They may even make threats to you, other family members, or senior home care. You may hear them screaming at you. Your elderly loved one might throw things at you, as well. If the aggression and threats are in response to issues such as not being able to move around well, senior home care can step in to make sure they are getting daily exercise and following a strict routine, which can help lessen the aggravation a senior may experience.

Becoming More Anxious

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is becoming more anxious lately? Maybe, they are even having panic or anxiety attacks. When they get this way, you might notice they act differently – maybe even talking extremely fast, so they don’t make sense. If this is happening due to dementia, the best option would be to provide your elderly loved one with something that calms them down. There are numerous options that might work such as:


  • Turning on their favorite television show
  • Putting on calming music
  • Having them take a hot shower or bath

Another option that might work to reduce your elderly loved one’s anxiety with dementia is to have senior home care providers who they are used to stay in their home until they can relax. The main reason to do this is so your elderly loved one isn’t left alone when they aren’t feeling at their best.


Apathy Can Present Itself

Has your elderly loved one been ignoring people in their life that they used to love talking to? Have they been sitting down a lot instead of participating in activities that they used to enjoy? If they are experiencing these things due to apathy with dementia, there are things you can try to boost your elderly loved one’s happiness and interest in things. Maybe, they need a new activity to spark their interest. They may need senior home care to take them to the park or do another outdoor activity.


Senior Care Conclusion

If your elderly loved one has dementia, there are going to be a range of changes that happen with their personality. The more you can learn about these changes, the better you can prepare and plan for them. If there are changes mentioned above happening right now, hopefully, this information can help them now or at least some of the time.


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