Changes and Items Your Dad’s Living Room Needs Right Now

Your dad plans to age at home, and you want to make sure he can.
You’ve gone through his bathroom, laundry room, and bedroom to make it a safer, more comfortable place as he gets older. You need to do the same with his living room. These changes and items are the ones you should pay the most attention to.


Senior Care in Daphne AL: Living Room Changes

Senior Care in Daphne AL: Living Room Changes


Open the Area for Free Space

Ideally, a living room needs to have at least a 5 by 5 foot square of space. If your parents ever need walkers or wheelchairs, they need room to maneuver that medical equipment.

Remove furniture to make sure there’s enough open space. If the room would be more open with the coffee table moved, do that. Cups can go on end tables instead. You could also look at furniture that has built-in trays and cup holders.

Arrange remaining furniture so that it’s not in the walking path. You want your mom and dad to be able to quickly go from the living room to a bathroom. You also want clear paths between the living room and kitchen, front door, and bedroom.


Straight-Legged Furniture

Furniture needs to have straight rather than bowed legs. If a coffee table has bowed legs, the curves make them jut out and pose a tripping hazard. Straight legs are best on chairs, tables, and other furnishings.

When choosing new chairs or sofas, see that the feet or legs are directly under the chair and don’t stick out at all. The sofa or chairs also need to have sturdy arms to use for support while standing up. A high back that’s not overly soft and has good lumbar support is also best.


Non-Slip Pads

As your dad or mom stands up or sits down, they don’t want the chair to slide away from them. Non-slip pads on the feet of a chair or sofa are important. While felt pads help keep floors from scratching, they pose an issue. Instead, look at rubber feet that won’t slip as the weight on the chair or sofa shifts.

If there are still decorative rugs in your parents’ home, ask if they can be removed. If your mom or dad really doesn’t want them to go away, line the back with non-slip carpet pads to keep them from moving around when people walk on them.

Making his home organized and reducing hazards are two important steps to aging safely at home. Talk to your dad about the benefits of home care. He can have help with laundry, cleaning, shopping, and organizing. Call a home care agency to discover pricing.


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