Senior Care: When ADLs Become Tough, Senior Care Is Ready to Serve

Senior Care: What is an ADL?

It is an acronym that refers to Activities of Daily Living. In other words, these are things most of us do on a daily basis that are necessary for life and living. A senior care aide can help with these.

Well, they might not be necessary for ‘life,’ but they are certainly necessary for living life on your terms, to the best of your abilities, and to your comfort.

For an aging senior who has developed chronic health issues, has been injured, or is facing other serious health challenges, those ADLs become more complicated.

Some of the most common activities of daily living that seniors face and may struggle with could include bathing and toileting, getting dressed, doing the laundry, cooking, shopping, vacuuming, getting the mail from the end of the driveway, and so forth.


Caregiver in Bay Minette AL: ADLs

Caregiver in Bay Minette AL: ADLs


Senior care is ready to step in and help.

When an elderly person is struggling with many of those activities of daily life, has trouble just getting out of bed in the morning or getting into and out of the shower safely, they might initially want to ask for help, usually from close family members or friends, but they may also be uncomfortable starting the conversation.

For an aging woman struggling to take a shower, if her adult son and his family live not too far away, just the thought of asking him for help with this intimate task can be something she doesn’t want to explore.

What does she do then? Maybe she asks her husband or a neighbor or close friend. What if all of her friends are also struggling with their physical capabilities? What if the neighbor is not comfortable offering that level of help?


Home care is a form of senior care to consider.

A professional, experienced home care provider can assist aging men and women with many of these ADLs. Even for some of those ADLs that are considered more personal or intimate, like going to the bathroom or taking a shower, or getting dressed, a home care aide with experience can be a great option to consider.

Many home care agencies operating in most towns and cities across the country have caregivers who can step in at a moment’s notice to support elderly men and women in the comfort of their homes.

They can assist these elderly clients for a few hours at a time, for as little as a couple of days a week to start. That could be precisely what the senior needs to help them continue with those ADLs.

What to consider when looking into home care?

This form of senior care is not only the most preferred among aging men and women, but it is also the most affordable. When you realize you don’t need to hire somebody for full-time or around-the-clock care, but rather part-time, intermittent care, it can set the senior’s mind at ease.

They know with senior care they can get help for most of the activities of daily living that they struggle with right now when they need it, and that is a wonderful asset.


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