Senior Care: 4 Easy Healthy Meals Seniors Can Make

Senior Care: It might be challenging for some seniors to cook healthy meals at home.

During November, which is National Good Nutrition month, seniors and their families should take the time to experiment with cooking healthy meals. The key to finding healthy meals that seniors can cook is to work with simple ingredients that don’t need a lot of preparation. Meal prepping the ingredients ahead of time can also help make it easier for seniors to cook healthy meals. You or a senior care provider can do things like chop vegetables, measure out seasoning, pre-boil potatoes so that seniors will have an easier time making those things.


Senior Care in Spanish Fort AL: Healthy Meals

Senior Care in Spanish Fort AL: Healthy Meals


Here are four very simple but nutritious meals that seniors can make for themselves when you or a senior home care provider can’t be with them:

Slow Cooker Oats And Fruit

This is a fantastic healthy breakfast that is also delicious and warming on a cold winter day. Before bed, your senior loved one can measure steel-cut oats and water and put them in a slow cooker. Steel-cut oats are packed with healthy fiber and they also have iron, which is something that many seniors don’t get enough of. Oats also contain protein. When your senior loved one gets up in the morning the hot cooked oatmeal will be waiting. Topped with fruit or jam this is a great easy and nutritious breakfast that doesn’t require a lot of effort or preparation.

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a fantastic nutritious snack or lunch for seniors. They can also be great side dishes. Baked potatoes are low in calories and full of potassium, vitamins, and minerals that seniors need. And the soft texture of a potato makes it an easy food for seniors who have mouth problems or dental problems to eat. Baked potatoes are easy to cook but they take a long time. You or a senior home care provider can prep potatoes for your senior loved one. Parboil some potatoes then freeze them. Your senior loved one will just need to put one in the oven for a short time to bake it or they can cook it in the microwave.


There’s nothing better than homemade soup. Your senior loved one can make delicious soups if you do or a home care provider takes care of the prep work. Chop onions and carrots and pre-measure spices and store them in plastic bags so that your senior loved one just needs to add everything to a large pot and let it simmer. If your senior loved one wants to add meat to the soup you or they can buy a full rotisserie chicken and shred the meat, which can be added to the soup.

Senior Care: Smoothies

Smoothies are wonderful for seniors. Even seniors who have trouble chewing or who are missing teeth can enjoy a delicious smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals, protein, and healthy fat. Help your senior loved one by putting a collection of fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag and putting it in the fridge. You or a senior care provider can then add some protein powder to the bag too to make the smoothie more nutritious. Then your senior loved one can just empty the contents into a blender, add water, juice, or milk, and hit the start button. A healthy easy to eat meal in seconds.


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