How Does Senior Home Care Help Your Dad Age in Place?

Senior Home Care in Mobile AL

Senior Home Care in Mobile AL

Your dad wants to age in place, but you worry about the fact that he’s alone throughout the week. It would be great if you could come to an agreement where he accepts some help, and you stop pushing him to move closer to you. Senior home care is the solution you need.

Caregivers Offer the Help Needed

What does your dad have the hardest time completing on his own? Arthritic joints in the fingers may impact his hand strength, so holding a knife while preparing dinner is tough. He’s cut himself more than once.

Your dad has to take the stairs very slowly, one step at a time, and hold the rail. In the middle of the night, he stumbled on the bottom two steps and hurt himself. You’ve set up voice-activated lights in all of his rooms, but he’s confused as to how to work them, and you’re not there to teach him.

Keeping his home clean is getting harder for your dad. He can’t carry the vacuum from one floor to the next. Instead of risking it, have senior home care help him with housework like vacuuming his main floor, stairs, and bedroom.

Your dad is supposed to walk for 30 minutes every day, but he no longer manages that on his own. Instead of not walking at all, he can have a caregiver join him on walks. If he has company, he’s more likely to walk the entire 30 minutes.

Senior home care can also help with personal care tasks like showers, oral care, nail care, and toileting. They can drive your dad to his appointments and help him schedule follow-up visits. If he has errands to run, his caregiver can help him with shopping, depositing checks, picking up prescriptions, and signing for packages at the post office.

Peace of Mind

While your dad lives in another state or too far for you to visit as much as you’d like, you won’t have to worry about him. His caregiver will keep in touch and let you know if there’s anything you should consider in terms of long-term care arrangements.

If he’s gaining strength after an illness or fall and doesn’t need as much help from his caregiver, you’ll learn more about that and how to arrange fewer caregiver visits. If he needs more help than he was getting, you can add services to his care plan.

What Happens Now?

How do you arrange senior home care? First, talk to your dad about what he can do on his own and where he struggles. Second, ask neighbors, friends, or other family members what they see when they visit. That helps you better understand what he can and cannot do independently.

Gather a list of questions that your dad and other family members still have. A senior home care advisor can go over those questions and ensure you better understand the services and pricing.

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