Outdoor Exercise – How Does it Help Senior Citizens?

Homecare: If you are going to help your elderly loved one create an exercise routine or schedule, one thing to consider is having them exercise outdoors.

During the winter months, that can be a bit tricky due to the ice and snow. However, once the weather warms up or even on the warmer, less snowy days, they can do some outdoor exercise. Studies show that exercising outdoors does have various benefits that aren’t as prevalent when exercising indoors. Homecare Services Providers can help initiate the outdoor exercise.


Homecare in Foley AL: Outdoor Exercise

Homecare in Foley AL: Outdoor Exercise

Going for Walks Outside

One of the first things that family caregivers need to know about having their elderly loved one exercise outdoors is that walks outside are better than inside. Some of the benefits of walking outdoors over indoors include:

  • Better immune system
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Better for the heart
  • Improved coordination
  • Able to walk further
  • Get fresh air

If your elderly loved one doesn’t really like to go on walks outside by themselves, you or a home care provider could go with them.


Using Exercise Equipment Outside

What if your elderly loved one can’t really go on long walks outside? What if they aren’t supposed to do higher-intensity workouts, but they still want to reap some or all of the benefits of exercising outside? If this is the case, you may want to set up some of their exercise equipment outdoors on the nicer days. That way, your elderly loved one can still get fresh air and get sun vitamins from the sun exposure.

Doing Yoga Outdoors

Doing yoga outdoors allows your elderly loved one to truly connect with nature. There are many senior citizens who are stressed right now. They feel like the pandemic is closing them inside and they don’t get outdoors as much as they would like. If this is how your elderly loved one feels, you may want to recommend that they do yoga outdoors. That can help them to breathe in fresh air and just enjoy nature for a while.


Riding a Bike

When it gets warmer, you should encourage your elderly loved one to ride a bike outside a few times every week. You or a home care provider may be able to go on these rides with them, too. Riding a bike outside is more beneficial to their health than riding on a stationary bike indoors.

Homecare: Conclusion

Now you know about some of the reasons why your elderly loved one should be exercising outdoors. On the colder, snowier winter days, it would be best if senior citizens weren’t outside. However, on the nicer days and when the weather warms up, outdoor exercise can be truly beneficial.


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