Home Health Care: What Can You Do to Up Your Senior’s Fluid Intake?

Home Health Care: Many seniors just don’t get enough water on a daily basis.

If that’s the case for your elderly family member, you might have been looking for ways to change that for her. Having help from home health care providers makes a big difference, but it’s also important to find the right combination to pique your senior’s interest in getting more fluids.


Home Health Care in Fairhope AL: Fluids Intake

Home Health Care in Fairhope AL: Fluids Intake

Infuse Fruit in Water

Plain old water isn’t all that appealing to a lot of people. But jazzing it up without adding lots of calories or sugar is tricky. One option is to infuse fruit into water to make it tastier. Adding just a few berries to a glass of water is really pretty and it adds just a hint of berry flavor. Experiment with different fruits to find your senior’s favorite.

Try Different Temperatures

Believe it or not, temperature could make a difference for your senior. Some people only like ice-cold water, while others prefer water to be room temperature. Try a few different temperature options to see what works best for your elderly family member.

Try Different Flavors

Maybe fruit isn’t the key or temperature doesn’t work either. Nothing says that your senior has to have sweet drinks. Try savory options, such as low-sodium broth or herbal combinations steeped in water. There are herbal tea blends, of course, but don’t overlook choices like thyme or lemon peels.

Skip Beverages

It’s also possible that beverages aren’t the way to go. Gelatin is tasty and might be a great choice, especially if you opt for sugar-free versions with natural fruits included. Other ideas might be ice cream, as long as it fits with your senior’s dietary needs, popsicles, and even vegetables that have a lot of water in them, like cucumbers.

Find a Container that Your Senior Likes

Presentation matters. Does your senior have a favorite glass or another container she could drink from? Maybe you can find a water bottle that keeps her water at that perfect ice-cold temperature all day long. Or it’s possible that your senior prefers using a straw. Whatever her preferences are, if you can find a container that works, she may drink plenty of fluid.

If it’s difficult for your elderly family member to keep up with fluid intake on her own, then home health care may be a perfect answer. Senior care providers are available for companionship and help, which can help you to feel more at ease as a family caregiver.


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