Home Care Services: How Home Care Services Help With Viruses

Home Care Services: Cold and flu season used to be the primary concerns of the elderly in the fall and winter.

COVID-19 is a newer health risk, and it’s just as important for your parents to avoid getting it. While many people feel sick for a week or so, a cold, flu, or COVID can lead to complications like pneumonia. Home Care Services can be your best help at this time.

Despite the best efforts, there’s always a chance of inadvertently contracting a virus from a stranger in a store or family member who didn’t realize they were sick. Focusing on getting better is crucial when this happens. Whether you’re sick with a virus or your parent is, it’s time to look at the benefits of hiring a caregiver.


Home Care Services in Spanish Fort AL: Virus Assistance

Home Care Services in Spanish Fort AL: Virus Assistance


Make Sure They Get Enough Rest

They need to listen to their body. If your mom and dad are feeling tired and drained, a caregiver can help them with tasks they usually are doing. There’s no reason for them to force themselves to get things done if they’re out of energy.

While your mom takes a nap, a caregiver can do the dishes, sweep the floors, and start laundry. The caregiver can disinfect surfaces, change sheets, and make sure your mom and dad have plenty to drink.

Your parents need to eat well while they’re sick. If they’re not up to cooking meals and getting snacks, which is likely, caregivers can make pots of soup, antioxidant-rich smoothies, and other nutrient-laden drinks and snacks.


Stay Home to Keep Them Safe

If you’re the one who is sick, stay home. You might be the only caregiver they have, but it’s not worth infecting them. It keeps them safe, and you’ll feel awful if they end up with your virus.

Try to get another family member to help out until you’re better. Or, you can arrange to have professional caregivers take over using respite care services. Stay away until you’re feeling well and are no longer able to spread the virus to them.


Home Care Services:  Schedule Vaccinations and Boosters to Protect From Severe Symptoms

Make sure your parents are vaccinated against COVID and the flu. While the vaccines are never 100% effective, they lower the risk of severe symptoms. It’s easy to schedule appointments for these vaccinations online for almost any day of the week at a participating store or pharmacy.

If you don’t have time to drive them to a vaccination clinic or appointment, home care services can help with transportation, too. Call an agency to schedule caregiver services.


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