How Seniors Can Care For Cats As They Get Older

June is Adopt A Cat Month and it’s a fantastic time to consider adopting a senior cat for your senior parent. Cats are the purr-fect companions for seniors, especially senior cats who aren’t going to be racing all over the house. Studies have shown that cats can help seniors manage depression and be happier. Having a cat can also cause seniors to have lower rates of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and less stress. But many seniors are hesitant to adopt a cat because they worry about being able to take care of the cat as they get older. Home Care services providers can be useful to help with this.


Home Care in Mobile AL: Senior Pets

Home Care in Mobile AL: Senior Pets


That shouldn’t stop any senior from adopting a cat. There are lots of things seniors can do to make caring for a cat easier like:

Home Care

Home care can make it easier for seniors to take care of cats. Home care includes basic housecleaning and small household tasks but it can also include walking a dog or cleaning a cat’s litterbox and filling water dishes. A care provider can also help with things like vacuuming and dusting to make sure the house is clean and hairball free. That way seniors don’t have to worry about whether or not they can physically pick up after their pet every day and they can just enjoy time spent with their cat.


Food And Litter Delivery

One of the things that have been a game-changer for seniors and pets is the availability of delivery for heavy items like large bags of cat food and large containers of cat litter. In the past, many seniors wouldn’t have considered getting a cat because they are physically unable to pick up big bags of cat food, heavy boxes of cat food cans, or giant containers of cat litter. But now seniors can have the heaviest pet supplies delivered to their door, where a home care provider can bring them inside. That means that seniors no longer have a reason to avoid adopting a cat.


Mobile Vets

Another one of the most common reasons why seniors don’t adopt a cat is that they may not drive and they might have trouble getting the cat to the vet. Cats need to go to the vet regularly for checkups, vaccinations, and routine care. Senior cats need to be seen by the vet often to make sure that they aren’t developing any serious health problems as they age. If your senior loved one doesn’t drive any longer that could make getting to the vet a real challenge. But many vets these days offer in-home care for pets for routine checkups and vaccinations. Your senior loved one can have a mobile vet come to their home to take care of their cat.


Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders and water fountains for cats mean that seniors don’t have to worry about being physically able to bend over and fill a dish of cat food or grasping a pitcher to fill a water dish. A home care provider can set up an automatic feeder for the cat so that the cat will get fed regularly on a healthy schedule. They can also fill up the water fountain when it needs it so that the cat will have plenty of cold water to drink.


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