5 Reasons for Seniors to Take Dance Classes

While Melinda’s elderly mother seemed to be recovering from her recent surgery, she just couldn’t find the motivation to get up and do some exercise.

The doctor recommended that the elderly woman do some exercise to prevent her from inactivity and isolation. This was all part of the elderly care recovery and treatment plan. The problem was that Melinda’s mother simply wasn’t interested in walks, biking or water aerobics.


Home Care in Robertsdale AL: Senior Dance Classes

Home Care in Robertsdale AL: Senior Dance Classes


When Melinda saw a flyer for square dancing classes at the local senior citizen’s center, she talked her mom into going. After just an hour, Melinda’s mom fell in love with the dancing and couldn’t wait to go back next week. Not only did she get plenty of exercise, she made several new friends. Dance classes were exactly what Melinda’s mother needed to get active after her surgery.

Many elderly people believe that their dancing days are behind them, but there are many senior dance classes out there that cater to seniors. From jazz or ballet to square dancing and water aerobics, dance classes provide numerous health benefits for aging adults. Here are 5 reasons for seniors to take dance classes.

Increased Flexibility: Age has a way of affecting muscles and joints, making them stiffer and less flexible. When muscles and joints aren’t used often, they become even stiffer, which can lead to pain as well as boost the risk for falling. Dance classes keep these areas loose and the increased circulation and activity boosts overall health in many ways.


Better Balance: When seniors engage in physical activity like dancing, they can develop better balance. They take longer and more confident strides and feel more stable on their feet. As their core muscles get stronger, they gain more confidence in getting around.


Physical Health Benefits: Regular exercise provides a number of health benefits, especially in the elderly. Dancing regularly can improve cardiovascular health, circulation, lower body strength, and bone density. Getting enough exercise also means a deeper and more restful sleep for seniors.


Boosts Mental Health: When seniors engage in exercises like dancing, it can have a positive effect on mental health. Seniors that dance are less likely to develop depression and anxiety. Exercise releases “feel good” hormones that can encourage a positive mood and keep negative thoughts at bay.


Delays Dementia. Because dance requires learning new moves and routines, it sets new neural pathways in the brain. This keeps the mind sharp and challenges elderly adults to stay mentally active as well as physically.

All these reasons are good enough to encourage elderly adults to incorporate dance classes into their elderly care activities. In addition, dancing is so much fun. Seniors who are having fun and getting regular exercise are much less likely to drop out of a dance class. Family caregivers should do everything the can to locate some elderly dance classes and sign their aging loved one up.


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