Home Care Myths About Seniors With Colds

Senior Colds: Home Care Daphne AL

Senior Colds: Home Care Daphne AL

No matter what age you are, you will probably get a cold at some point in the year. This is an upper respiratory system infection that is usually mild but contagious. This mild cold may impact a senior more than others. Sometimes it can even give a senior a fever, body aches, and sore throat. You and your senior loved one’s home care provider may know all about the common cold, but you should also be aware of the misinformation and myths surrounding them.

Myth #1 Antibiotics Help Colds

You may be thinking that antibiotics help so many other viruses. However, antibiotics are designed to treat bacterial infections, not viral infections, which cause most colds. Therefore, antibiotics will not help treat a cold. You should keep this in mind when taking your senior to the doctor to get checked up. Sometimes a cold can weaken a senior’s immune system, and they may get other things on top of a cold that antibiotics can treat. However, a cold on its own can’t be treated.

Myth #2 You Can Only Use Prescription Strength Drugs

When your senior loved one gets a cold, they may also experience body aches. It can be good to take if they can hold down Tylenol or Ibuprofen. However, there is a myth going around that only prescription-strength drugs will work for your loved one. That is not true! Regular over-the-counter medicine can effectively treat your loved one as natural and home remedies. You need to find what works for your senior loved one and keep track of what they’re taking. If your senior has lost track of how much ibuprofen they take, this is something that home care providers can help keep track of.

Myth #3 You Don’t Need to Stay Home

Some people believe that unless it’s covid-19, a senior doesn’t need to be isolated. The truth is a cold can be just as contagious and spread just as fast. If your senior loved one is sick with anything contagious, they should be staying home. No one else wants to get sick, and you never know what health concerns someone else has. If you or your loved one is sick, it’s time to stay home, rest, and recover. You may even want to let home care providers know before they come to your seniors home to help out.

What To Do if Your Senior Has a Cold?

First, you and your senior need to take preventive steps to ensure this cold or virus does not spread any further. Don’t have hired caregivers over until a senior is fully recovered. This will help prevent it from spreading. Next, your senior should drink plenty of fluids and relaxing during the day. If you can help your senior through this cold, one of the best things you can do is keep the house clean.

Encourage your loved one to cover their mouths and nose and disinfect their homes regularly to prevent the spread of germs. Lastly, if their colds do not improve over the week, it’s time to take them to the doctor for a checkup. It may be worse than a cold if it doesn’t disappear.

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