If your moods are off or you’re feeling less healthy in other ways, you may know you need to do something even if you’re not sure what that should be. When you’re a caregiver, you have to be taking care of yourself, or you’re not going to be able to keep up eventually.


Elder Care in Mobile AL: Feeling Sluggish?

Elder Care in Mobile AL: Feeling Sluggish?


Examine Your Diet

What you eat influences so much of your life. It can affect your energy levels and even your mood. Eating a lot of processed foods or junk foods can put you in a bad position nutritionally and your body may not have what it needs to help you in the ways that you need. Try switching out one less healthy meal choice for one that you know would be better fuel for your body and see what happens.


Sugar and Caffeine Hurt More than They Help

When you’re making choices in regard to your diet, look extra closely at both sugar and caffeine. Both seem as if they’ll be helpful and give you a boost, but that boost doesn’t last long and it can lead to a bigger crash afterward for both of them. It’s difficult, and sometimes painful, to cut sugar and caffeine cold turkey from your diet. Try phasing them out slowly to avoid creating bigger problems for yourself.


Get Some Movement In

Exercise always makes an appearance, but especially if you’re talking about how you’re feeling, both physically and emotionally. Exercise prompts your brain to release chemicals that help with mood regulation and with other aspects of feeling your best. Start out slowly and don’t try to do too much too quickly.


Get Some Sun or Some Vitamin D

Vitamin D operates as a hormone in the body, but doctors are only scratching the surface of what all that means. What they do know is that vitamin D deficiency can be tied to a variety of health problems, including weakened bones, and to some mood issues. The good news is that spending just a few minutes out in the sun can help your body to produce vitamin D that you need. If that’s not possible, supplements help.


Spend Some Time with a Pet

If you’ve got a pet, or you have access to someone else’s pet, it might be a good idea to schedule some playdates. Spending time with pets can do a lot to help your mood and to help you to regain your perspective. It’s a way to help yourself to recharge without having to do anything complicated.

Your mood and your health are way more important as a caregiver than you realize. Take the time to help yourself to feel your best so that you can keep putting forth your best efforts.


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