Easy Ways to Manage Meds

Senior Home Care in Spanish Fort ALLikely, as you get older you will be taking more medications to manage chronic health conditions. This is normal as you age even if you’re lucky and don’t need tons of medications you may still need to take a few medications or vitamins each day. But what is the best way to manage them? Here are some tips for you to follow.

Do You Need More Help?

The truth is there is no shame in asking for more help, and there are different kinds of help you may need. If you can’t handle your medications and need them administered, you may need a nurse or a doctor to come by your house to help you. On the other hand, if you can open your medication and take it on your own but you need a reminder, you may just need senior home care to remind you. When you age in place, it can be easy to put things off, forget things, or lose track of what you’re supposed to be doing. Senior home care can help you with that. It’s time to consider whether you need more help managing your life at home.

Write it Down

One of the best things you can do while aging in place is to write down what you’re taking and keep track of it. You can keep a binder filled with information on when to take the medications, side effects to be aware of, whether you need to take it with food or not, and keep track of how you’re feeling. This may seem overkill, but it is one of the best ways to manage medications and your overall health. Having a binder will also be good if multiple caregivers or family members come in and out of the house. They can look through and help you remember what you need to take, even if they are not always around. This is crucial for good care.

Get a Pill Organizer

If you need a little more help, you can buy a pill organizer at the local pharmacy or online. These will help you set up your weekly pills, which will be all in one place instead of individual bottles. This will also help you decide when you need refills and when to contact the doctor. If you need something easy to use, try a new automatic pill dispenser! This may be easier to use than something you have to pop open every day.

Use an App

If you are pretty tech-savvy, you can use your iPad or phone to download an app. Some of these apps also have alarms that will ring when you need to take a specific medication, and you can add in what you’re supposed to take. They also allow you to take notes while taking the medications, then after a few months, you can review the notes and report these findings to your doctor. Technology has become a lifesaver when it comes to medication management.

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