How Can Family Caregivers Reduce Stress in Elderly Adults?

Although it doesn’t seem like it, your aging relative is likely dealing with a lot of stress in their lives.
While they may not have to focus on work-related stress and raising a family anymore, the types of things they stress about are equally as serious. Seniors face a lot of big transitions in their old age, but living with too much stress can actually trigger serious physical and mental health issues. So how can you reduce stress in your elderly loved one?


Caregiver in Spanish Fort AL: Reduce Senior Stress

Caregiver in Spanish Fort AL: Reduce Senior Stress


What is Chronic Stress?

A little stress is a good motivation to tackle a problem, but too much stress for too long can cause serious health problems. Elderly adults don’t recover from the effects of stress as quickly as younger adults do, which means they go through more wear and tear on the body. All the negative health effects of stress can impact other health issues that seniors are facing.


Why is Chronic Stress So Harmful to Seniors?

When the brain releases stress hormones, the body swings into action. Not only do the heart and lungs go faster, but many other organs react. After a while, the stress hormones fade and all returns to normal. Each time this happens, however, it puts a little more wear and tear on the body. For seniors, this can result in some serious health problems. Common after-effects of chronic stress include cardiovascular disease, weak immune system, high blood pressure, digestive issues, poor memory, insomnia and even early death.


How Can Family Caregivers Identify Senior Stress?

The best thing that family caregivers can do to reduce chronic stress for their elderly loved one is to discover what the triggers are. This will be different for each individual, of course. Identifying what the stressors are will allow family caregivers to find solutions to the problems that are causing their loved one’s stress.


Can In-Home Care Alleviate Stress?

One of the best ways to alleviate stress in elderly adults is to hire an in-home care provider service. These professionals can help elderly adults with some of the challenges they face in day-to-day life. Examples include housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, errands, pet care, and companionship. If seniors are disabled, the home care providers can help with bathing, dressing, grooming and more.


What Stress Management Techniques Work for Seniors?

There are many techniques that experts recommend for stress management. Having a strong support group is very helpful because elderly adults can enjoy the social aspect and they can always lean on caring and compassionate people when they have problems. Family members, friends, home care providers, doctors, clergy and more can all contribute. Other techniques to reduce senior stress include owning a pet, exercise, nutritious meals, restful sleep, spending time in nature, and meditation.


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