Aging in Place: Five Factors to Consider When Your Senior Wants to Age in Place

Aging in Place: Once you and your senior start talking about whether aging in place is the right choice for her, there are other factors that you might need to address in her plans.


Home Care Services in Robertsdale AL: Aging in Place

Home Care Services in Robertsdale AL: Aging in Place


She Can Experience Physical Health Changes

Your senior’s health is not a static situation. She may be in good physical condition right now, but that can change quickly. This is especially true if she has chronic health issues that are likely to worsen over time. At any time she could also experience sudden health changes that no one expects. These can dramatically impact her ability to continue aging in place.


Cognitive Changes Are Also Likely

It’s also possible that your elderly family member may start to experience cognitive changes. These can include changes in her memory as well as her ability to process information and to make good decisions. If this is happening due to dementia, these changes may have been happening slowly for a while before you or your senior noticed.


Her Vision Is Likely to Change

Something that your senior might not see as an issue could be vision changes. She may already wear glasses or contact lenses, but there are other changes to her vision that can affect her ability to continue to live in her home on her own terms. Low vision for instance is a condition that many aging adults face. There’s no way to cure low vision, and it changes how she perceives the world around her.


She Needs a Fall Prevention Plan

Fall prevention is something that you and your senior absolutely must discuss. One fall that results in injuries could affect her life in ways that she doesn’t expect. Physical therapy, surgery, and medications that she never had to take in the past could become a part of her new daily life. That can also impact her ability to age in place.


Having Help Can Make Her Plan to Age in Place Doable

One possible solution, especially if you and your senior have plans to keep an eye on these other factors, is to have help. Elder care providers can offer the assistance you’re senior needs with both basic activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily life. This help can be the key to allowing your senior to continue to live her life where she wants to.

Ultimately, aging in place relies on an awful lot of variables that your senior may not be able to control.


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