5 Services All Seniors Aging in Place Should Use

Home Care Assistance in Fairhope ALMost seniors plan on staying in their own homes as long as they can. If your senior parent is aging in place or planning on staying in their own home as they get older there are services that can help them live independently.

With support from some of the services you can seniors live comfortably at home even if your senior parent develops health conditions or has poor mobility, they may be able to stay at home for many years. The most important service that seniors use when they are aging in place is home care assistance. Home care assistance gives seniors help with tasks like light housecleaning, cooking and doing dishes, caring for pets, and running errands or taking them to appointments.

Family members rely on the peace of mind they get knowing their senior parent has reliable home care assistance. Five other services that can help seniors live safely and happily at home are:

Ride Share Services

Seniors who can’t drive any longer can rely on ride-share services when they need to get to the store, a doctor’s appointment, the gym, or anywhere else they need to go. Some ride-share services have special rates for seniors. Some make it easy for seniors to book rides by giving them a phone number to call if they aren’t comfortable using an app.

Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery is easy, and in some cases it’s free. Most grocery stores now offer some type of grocery delivery for a small fee or for free. Seniors who find it difficult to shop because they can no longer easily maneuver a cart or lift heavy bags can shop online using a phone, tablet, or computer.

They can pay through the store’s website or an app with a credit card and choose when they want to have their groceries delivered. For seniors often delivery drivers will bring the bags inside so that seniors don’t have to lift heavy bags or go out in bad weather.

Home Security Service

A home security service is a must-have service for seniors. Most security services monitor the home for emergencies like fires but also for health emergencies. So, if your senior parent falls or has a health emergency the security company can call for emergency services right away. Home security services also protect seniors from criminals who might think that seniors living alone are easy targets.

Home Health Care

Seniors who can’t easily get to routine medical appointments can get some routine health care done at home. A home health care provider can do things like measure a senior’s blood oxygen level, take their blood pressure, and perform other routine medical care at home. This is a great service for seniors who live in rural areas and don’t have routine health care easily available nearby.

Landscaping Service

Seniors living alone should also have a landscaping and plowing service. Keeping up their property will make seniors less likely to be victims of a crime. And, it’s safer for seniors to have snow and ice removed in the winter and the grass cut regularly in the spring and summer.

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