The Benefits of Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home Mobile AL

Companion Care at Home Mobile AL

Providing care for an aging loved one is rewarding and exhausting, especially if you are part of the caregiver generation that is called the “sandwich generation.” The sandwich generation is called that because they are sandwiched between providing care for two different generations – their children and their parents (or grandparents). It can be very rewarding to have so many of your family members still an active part of your life, but being human, it can also be exhausting.

It’s okay to ask for help occasionally and while you may often think of getting help with your children by using a daycare during the day or having a babysitter come in the evenings, did you know you can have both options for your elderly loved one as well?

Adult day cares are available in some areas where you can drop off your loved one to spend the day doing activities, eating a meal, and socializing. It can be a great place to use if you work a full-time job and they are feeling lonely while at home all day.

Companion Care at Home

If you don’t need an all-day option, another great choice is to have someone come to your loved one’s home to provide companion care at home. This professional can be scheduled daily or weekly to provide some companion care at home so you can take a break when you need it for either yourself or your other family members.

Personalized companion care at home providers can focus on what your loved one wants and needs to make her day brighter. This can be a great resource if your loved one is particular about what she will and will not participate in, struggles in large group sessions, or if she likes to stay at home.

Physical Activity

If your loved one needs someone to go on walks with or stroll through the garden, picking a floral arrangement, your provider can join her in these activities. Your companion care at home provider can also be a great motivator and get your loved one out and moving even on days when she isn’t feeling motivated.

Social Activity

Your loved one may simply desire the companionship of just one person to engage in conversations with, play a game or two, or even watch a favorite TV show with. Larger Adult Day Care situations can be more difficult for introverts and those with some social anxiety. Having a consistent person come to the home can make them more enjoyable.

Cognitive Activity

Having a companion care at home provider visit the home can also help keep your loved one’s cognitive abilities sharp by playing brain games like chess or memory as well as providing one-on-one stimulating conversations.

Whatever you decide, there are options for you to be able to have a bit of a break while still caring for your elderly loved one.

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