Senior Care: The Moments After Mom No Longer Needs Your Help as a Caregiver Can Feel Empty, and This Is What You Can Do

Senior Care: Whatever the circumstances that led you to this moment, it can be difficult.

You might have been a senior care caregiver for your aging mother for some time. It might’ve been for years. Now, though, she no longer needs your help. If she has passed away, you can feel empty. You can feel as though a part of your life has been ripped away. Even though her declining health made it clear this was inevitable, that doesn’t make it easier. Or, maybe your mother made a full recovery after several years of struggle, physical therapy, exercise, and effort. That is a wonderful thing. That is something to celebrate. Yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel empty.

You may feel this sense of emptiness, as though you no longer belong there, or that she doesn’t need you. Keep in mind your mother will always need to and want you. However, she may be getting back to her own life or you need to get back to yours.

If you are feeling this sense of emptiness because the caregiving responsibilities are no longer necessary for one reason or another, here are a few things you can do that might help you regain your footing in life.


Senior Care: Caregiver Tips

Senior Care: Caregiver Tips


1. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Many family caregivers let their friendships slide to the back burner of life when they are supporting an aging parent or other loved one who needs them. Friends understand, even though they may get upset when all of their calls and messages go unreturned.

If this is a good friend, though, and you haven’t spoken to him or her in quite some time, now is a perfect opportunity to pick up the phone and dial their number.

You might have to be patient at first, though. Some friends will come around slower than others. When you do connect, it will help you feel a sense of normalcy beginning to seep back into your life.


2. Go out and enjoy an activity.

There are probably many things you used to do that you gave up to be a caregiver for this aging loved one. Or, there may have been a list of things you wanted to pursue, and were about to, but never got around to because of this circumstance.

Now is your opportunity to do that. Go out and start a new hobby, learn a new art or craft, pick up an instrument, or travel. Whatever it is that you would enjoy doing, an activity you may or may not have done before, go do it now.


3. Senior Care: Pursue a new hobby.

Whether or not you have done certain activities in the past, there are probably things you always wanted to do. Pick one and go and chase it. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument, visiting an art gallery, going to an ancient city as a tourist, taking a cruise, or whatever it might be, this is your time. When you dive into these opportunities, it will help you in those moments after the aging senior no longer needs you as a caregiver. Senior care for intermittent check-ins might be a good option at this time.


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