Senior Care: You Can’t Force An Elderly Parent To Accept Home Care, But You Can Offer Encouragement

Senior Care: You’ve been getting frustrated lately supporting your elderly mother. It’s wearing you out.

You’re running yourself ragged trying to be the support she needs, and every time you talk about home care, she dismisses it.


Home Care: Senior Care

Home Care: Senior Care

This can cause anger.

It can cause resentment. After everything you’ve been doing, sacrificing your own life, time with your family, children, friends, and maybe even time at work, you know you can’t keep this pace up for long.
You need help, and you know home care would be the best type of support, not just for her, but also for you. Unfortunately, she is dead set against home care for some reason.


Can you force this upon her?

Some adult children, spouses, and other family members may worry about the safety and well-being of their elderly loved ones and, despite their refusal to consider Senior Care or other options, they wonder if they can force the issue.
Is it possible? Yes, it’s possible but highly unlikely. Unless your mother is incapacitated, unless your father has already waived responsibility for making these types of decisions to you or someone else in the family, you would have to go to court over the issue.

In most cases, the court is going to side with the individual and his or her rights, so long as they are not putting themselves or others in immediate danger. Just because your elderly father may have trouble getting out of bed, doesn’t do the laundry anymore, lives alone, and is facing certain health challenges doesn’t mean a judge is going to side with you on this topic.


Senior Care: What can you do?

The best thing you can do is put limits on your time and let your elderly mother or father know about those limits. Tell her you can’t be there as often as you have been. Let her know what this life as a caregiver is doing to you physically, emotionally, and even mentally.

But, at the same time, offer encouragement. Tell her what is still possible to do with the right assistance.
Also, inform your elderly parent that he or she doesn’t have to rely on home care for full-time support. Through an agency, they can hire somebody for just a couple of hours for even just a few days a week, possibly even one or two to start.

That could tear down a number of misconceptions he or she has had about Senior Care, which might be driving her refusal to accept the idea in the first place.

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