How In-Home Care can Help Seniors Stick to Workouts

In-Home Care in Spanish Fort AL

In-Home Care in Spanish Fort AL

No matter your age, you should be moving your body. This is especially true for seniors in their final stages of life. They may not be able to lift hundreds of pounds, but they should be moving around each day. If your loved one has just gotten done with surgery or has a disease that makes it hard to move, they should still be exercising even if it feels impossible. One of the best things your loved one can do is go to physical therapy, learn the best exercises for their bodies, and then stick to it every day even while at home. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. If your senior is having a hard time sticking to a physical therapist’s plan, it may be time to consider hiring in-home care. In-home care consists of some of the best professionals who will help your loved one work out, eat well, and get from place to place while keeping them safe inside and outside of the home.

Here are a few ways in-home care can help seniors with their physical therapy program:

Give Reminders

Sometimes, your loved one wants to be on top of their routine, but they just don’t remember. They may not remember to do it every day, or they may forget the moves. In-home care or even family caregivers can gently remind your senior mom or dad they should be moving around. They can help get them up each day, dress them in the right clothes for movement, and remind them how to do the moves the physical therapist taught them. Sometimes, this is all it takes for an elderly person to follow the program they were given.

Help Prevent Falls

When in-home care shows seniors how to do a specific move, they can also help monitor your loved one. This means your senior is more likely to do the moves correctly. They will be much less likely to fall and injure themselves. This is a huge benefit of hiring in-home care and should not be taken lightly. A caregiver will inspect a space and ensure that it is clear enough for a senior to move around. When there is less clutter, it is safer for your loved one to practice workouts at home.

Monitor Recovery

If your loved one is recovering from surgery or stroke, someone needs to monitor their recovery and how well they perform the tasks the physical therapist gave them. Your senior mom or dad may only go to the physical therapist once or twice a week, but in-home care can monitor your loved one every day to ensure they are recovering as best as possible. They will note each day and help a senior report to their physical therapist or doctor.


It’s hard to motivate yourself to do something. But in-home care can be all the encouragement a senior needs. They can support your seniors and motivate them to get going for the day, which can make a huge difference.

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