Home Care Services: Most Dangerous Hazards in the Kitchen for Senior Citizens

Home Care Services: Do you worry about your elderly loved ones living by themselves?

This is a concern that many people have with their elderly loved ones. If this is something that is on your mind, it may be helpful to learn about the most dangerous hazards in the kitchen for senior citizens. Once you know what these hazards are, you and your home care services providers can eliminate them from your loved one’s home.

Home Care Services in Gulf Shores AL: Kitchen Hazards

Home Care Services in Gulf Shores AL: Kitchen Hazards

Bad Lighting

One of the reasons why many senior citizens get hurt in the kitchen of their homes is bad lighting. It can be difficult for your elderly loved one to see if there isn’t good lighting. If your elderly loved one is cutting food or cooking food on the stove with inadequate lighting, they could easily get cut or burnt. It is very important that you or a home care provider make sure there are ceiling or cabinet lights in your loved one’s kitchen. Motion-activated lights are a good idea, as well, in case your loved one forgets to turn the light on.


Cabinets Not Being Accessible

Where are the cabinets located in your elderly loved one’s home? If they are up too high or if your loved one has to bend down too low to reach things, they could fall and get injured. It is very important that your elderly loved one puts utensils, dishes, and food on shelves they can easily reach. If you can, it may be a good idea to have new cabinets put into your loved one’s kitchen, so they can reach things without having to bend down or stretch up high.


Slippery Floors

Does your elderly loved one’s kitchen floor get wet often? This could be happening when water splashes from the sink. Your elderly loved one might spill something or track water inside when it is raining. If the floor is slippery, your elderly loved one has a much higher risk of falling. There are many ways to prevent this. You can hire elderly care providers to keep your loved one’s kitchen floor dry throughout the day. You can also put rugs by the sink and kitchen entryway to prevent falls.


Home Care Services: Conclusion

Many senior citizens fall and get injured in their kitchens. Many others will get burnt on their stove or get cut while making food. It is very important that you are aware of the dangerous kitchen hazards in the kitchen. Now that you know about the most common hazards, you and your Home Care Services providers can help eliminate these from your elderly loved one’s kitchen.


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