Foot Care Tips for Older Adults

It can be easy to forget about your aging relative’s feet when you’re busy with so many other caregiving tasks.
However, keeping their feet healthy can help them to be more independent and prevent bigger problems. Aging feet need some extra care because of the changes they go through with time, such as a flattening of the arches and a loss of fat that helps pad the feet. They are also susceptible to skin and nail problems.

Elderly Care in Mobile AL: Senior Foot Care Tips

Elderly Care in Mobile AL: Senior Foot Care Tips


If you’re uncertain how to care for senior feet, below are some tips.  


Perform Regular Inspections

Check the older adult’s feet often. Familiarizing yourself with what is normal for their feet can help you to spot a problem when it begins, allowing them to get treatment sooner. Also, look for minor injuries, like blisters or cuts, that could turn into something worse if they aren’t taken care of.


Home care providers can examine the senior’s feet at least weekly to look for any potential problems.


-Wash Feet Daily

Keeping feet clean can prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Wash the senior’s feet every day and dry them thoroughly. A foot bath is most effective, but even simply wiping feet down with a wet washcloth and soap will help. Making washing feet a routine part of the day can make it harder to forget to do it. Also, washing feet at night can be soothing and promote sleep.

It may be difficult for older adults to wash their feet on their own because they may have trouble reaching them. A home care provider can let the senior sit comfortably in a chair while they wash the senior’s feet.


-Cut Toenails Properly

Toenails should not be clipped too short and should be cut straight across, without rounding the corners. Nails that are too short or that are rounded off can lead to ingrown toenails.

A home care provider can cut your older family member’s toenails for them. Because home care providers are experienced in caring for seniors, they have the necessary skills to clip toenails properly to avoid problems.


-Prevent Dry Skin

If feet get too dry, it can cause painful cracking and even infection. After feet have been washed and dried, applying moisturizer can prevent them from getting too dry. After moisturizing, the older adult should put clean cotton socks on to protect feet and keep them warm.

Home care providers can apply moisturizer and help older adults who have difficulty bending over put on their socks.


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