Elderly Care: Alternative Chronic Pain Management Tips

Elderly Care: Chronic pain can be very bothersome.

It can affect people’s moods, relationships, passions, appetite, and so much more. If your elderly loved one struggles with chronic pain, it may be difficult to watch them. They may seem depressed or irritable all the time. There are some alternative chronic pain management tips that could help, however. After reading about these tips, talk to your elderly care provider and you’re senior to see if they would like to try them.


Elderly Care in Daphne AL: chronic pain management

Elderly Care in Daphne AL: chronic pain management


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Unfortunately, there are some conditions where pain can’t be fully relieved. If your elderly loved one has unrealistic expectations about what pain level they should or want to have, they may need to attend cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT can help them to adjust their expectations regarding pain and learn new skills on how to cope with the pain. While attending sessions, your elderly loved one may have difficulties adjusting with their new coping methods. You may want to get personal care at home for them. The home care providers can be there to support your loved one if they need to vent or just have company.


Physical Therapy

There are many people who need physical therapy to help relieve chronic pain. Physical therapists are trained to help with many painful conditions such as degenerative disc disease and arthritis. If you aren’t sure what type of physical therapy your loved one needs, you or a senior care provider can take them in for an assessment. The physical therapist can talk to you both about soft-tissue manipulation, electrical stimulation, and other treatments for chronic pain.


Daily Exercise

Unfortunately, it is a two-headed monster when someone struggles with chronic pain. They need to exercise daily to help relieve their pain. However, they also feel they are in too much pain to exercise. The longer someone goes without exercising, the worse their pain is likely to be.

If you are caring for your elderly loved one, you should talk to them about the need for exercise. You should let them know that even if they can’t do a lot of exercises, doing a little bit daily can make a huge difference in their pain level. Many people who struggle with chronic pain that exercise daily feel better within a week or two. While exercising may not take your elderly loved one’s pain away completely, it might help.


Elderly Care: Conclusion

These are some of the alternative chronic pain management tips for your elderly loved one. You should encourage your loved one to start with at least one of these. If needed, you can get personal care at home services. The elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one to exercise daily and drive them to appointments for physical therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy.


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