Can You Live With Your Parent Without Butting Heads?

Are you moving in with an elderly parent or moving a parent in with you? Either way, it’s a tough situation. You have your own set of household rules and expectations. They have the same. It can lead to many arguments and end up with both sides struggling to find a neutral ground.


Caregiver in Foley AL: Living With Your Senior

Caregiver in Foley AL: Living With Your Senior


How to Set Up Two Households in One

One of the easiest ways to keep from butting heads is by making sure you have your personal space. Try to set up your parent or yourself in different areas of the house. Some homes have basement, attic, or above-the-garage areas that could be converted into an in-law apartment. If that’s possible, it’s a good way to make sure everyone has a retreat to go to.

Ideally, you want your mom and dad to have a bedroom, a bathroom of their own, and a sitting area. A small kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, sink, and coffee maker is also handy. This may not be possible. At a minimum, a bathroom and bedroom of their own are ideal.

If you don’t have a separate bathroom, a schedule is important. You don’t want anyone to be late for work or school because your parent took too much time in the bathroom. Make sure schedules are known and posted so that everyone can see them.


Create a List of Combined Rules That Everyone Agrees On

  • When you’re blending two or three generations, a difference in household rules is likely. When you do experience differences of opinion, take note and discuss them at a family meeting.
  • Your parent may see the amount of time your teens are on the computer as poor parenting. Make sure your parent understands that teens research, complete, and submit homework online now.
  • Your mom insists on having dinner on the table at 5, but your spouse or significant other isn’t home until 6. You’ll have to discuss and change this dinner schedule. Your mom will have to eat without you or wait.
  • You do laundry late at night to save money on electricity, but your dad is used to doing it when he gets up at noon. You might have to concede that and have him pay the difference on the monthly bill.


Consider Hiring Caregivers for Breaks

Take breaks from each other. Respite care is one solution. Caregivers come to the home and spend time with your mom or dad while you go out or take a break.

With caregivers on duty, you can take a mini-vacation, go for a walk, take the kids out for a movie, or join friends for dinner. It’s up to you. Call a home care agency and ask about respite care.


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