If you have been a family caregiver for your elderly loved one, then you know that things can come up that you need to help with.
One of the things that you might have to deal with in your elderly loved one is their sleeping issues. Unfortunately, there could be many things that are causing sleeping issues such as restless leg syndrome, dementia, stress, and much more. However, there are some tips that you and caregivers can use to help your elderly loved one with their sleeping issues. If these don’t help, you should have your elderly loved one see a doctor.


Homecare in Foley AL: Having Sleeping Issues

Homecare in Foley AL: Having Sleeping Issues


Encouraging Physical Activity

Research shows that people who are physically active in the daytime and who don’t nap long or at all during the day are more likely to get quality sleep at night. If you can encourage your elderly loved one to exercise in the day and help them to avoid napping, this can increase their fatigue later in the day, so they are able to get a good night of sleep.


Scheduling Activities

If you want to help your elderly loved one to get quality sleep at night, you should assist them in creating a schedule for the activities they do during the day. The physically demanding activities they need to do should be done in the first part of their day. For example, if they are going to exercise, take a bath, or go to appointments, these should be done earlier in their day.


Quiet Time

To help your elderly loved one get better sleep at night, you should encourage them to have quiet time later in the day. During the evening, they can start turning off electronics. They can read or have someone read to them. The lights and noises should be kept to a minimum. Some people enjoy having soothing music playing to help them fall asleep. This might be something that your elderly loved one enjoys, too.


Same Bedtime Every Day

In order to get better quality sleep and to help your elderly loved one fall asleep, they should have the same bedtime every day. Even if they can’t fall asleep right away, they should be getting in bed at the same time every single day. This will help them to create routines and schedules which can improve the quality of sleep they get.

These are some of the best ways to help your elderly loved one if they are having sleeping issues. However, it is important to remember that sometimes there are bigger concerns for sleeping issues. If these tips don’t help your elderly loved one after 1 to 3 weeks, you might want to have them see their doctor.

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