As fall arrives, the weather cools down and humidity decreases in many areas. This can make the skin feel drier. Dry skin isn’t just itchy and irritating, but it can crack and bleed. That raises the risk of infection.


Home Care Services in Fairhope AL: Tips for Aging Skin

Home Care Services in Fairhope AL: Tips for Aging Skin


To reduce that risk, proper skin care is important. It may be hard for your parents to do everything that helps promote healthy skin, but you can help.

Avoid Drying Soaps

When your mom or dad showers, a moisturizing bar soap that uses natural ingredients is ideal. A bar of goat’s milk soap can be less trying than a commercially made soap. No matter which soap is used, they need to rinse thoroughly.


Apply Moisturizers

Immediately after showering, moisturizer helps keep water in the skin. Some moisturizers can be applied in the shower or while the skin is still wet. These can be easier to apply as the water helps distribute the cream.

If they don’t like the feel of those kinds of moisturizers, they need to make sure they’ve dried their skin and apply a moisturizer to all areas. They want to moisturize the bottom of their feet, between the toes, hands, and fingers.

Stay Hydrated

Ideally, an active adult should drink or consume foods for a daily intake of around three liters of water per day for a man and two liters for a woman. Your mom and dad should aim for this. The more active and sweaty they get each day, the more water is needed to keep the body hydrated.

If you notice your parents don’t drink a lot of water, you can add foods that are high in water. Melon, citrus fruit, and celery are examples of water-rich food choices.


Make Sure the Home Isn’t Too Dry

In the winter as heating systems are turned on, the air within the home may become dry. If that happens, a humidifier can help. The goal is to keep a home in the 40 to 50 percent range.

You’ll know if it’s too dry. As your parents walk around the home, static electricity becomes an issue. If they’re getting static zaps as they do things in the home, it’s time to address the dry air.


Get Caregivers to Help

Applying moisturizer to some areas can be harder. If your parents can’t reach the bottom of their feet easily, caregivers can help with foot care. Senior care services can arrange to have caregivers assist your parents with personal care, which includes skincare. Call a senior care agency to schedule these and other helpful services.


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