Many people are worried that their elderly loved ones are going to contract the coronavirus. Some people have mistaken the flu for the coronavirus. Due to this happening, it is important that you know the difference between these two conditions.


Elder Care in Mobile AL: COVID-19-Coronavirus Tips

Elder Care in Mobile AL: COVID-19-Coronavirus Tips


Knowing the symptoms of these two conditions could be the difference between whether your elderly loved one needs to get tested for the coronavirus or whether they need to manage the flu.

Causes of These Conditions

It is important to know what causes the flu and the coronavirus. Research shows that the coronavirus is caused by the novel 2019 coronavirus. This is also being called a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The flu, however, is caused by many influenza virus strains.

Ways These Conditions are Transmitted

Even though the flu and coronavirus have some similar ways they can be transmitted, there is a known difference. The coronavirus is spread via airborne transmission. This means that droplets from someone’s mouth or nose could remain in the surrounding air and cause someone else to get the coronavirus.

Medications Used to Treat These Conditions

The flu can often be managed with the use of antiviral medications. In addition, these medications can often cause the flu to clear up quicker than it would without using the medications. However, with the coronavirus, these types of medications are still being tested. There is no proof yet that these medications will take care of the coronavirus.

Vaccinations Provided to Prevent These Conditions

With the flu, there is a vaccination that your elderly loved one can get to reduce their chances of getting the flu. If they do happen to get the flu and they have had the flu vaccination, it should be less severe than if they hadn’t gotten the vaccination. In regards to the coronavirus, there is currently no vaccination to help prevent someone from getting this virus.

These are some of the things that you need to know regarding the flu and the coronavirus. Whether your elderly loved one contracts the flu or the coronavirus, it is important to make sure someone is there to take care of them. If your elderly loved one doesn’t already have a home care provider, it may be time to hire one. The home care provider can help to manage your elderly loved one’s symptoms and take them in to get medical care if needed.


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