You might have thought you found the perfect answer to your time crunch and to your senior’s additional needs, but she’s not excited about hiring extra help. No matter how much you share with her the benefits of senior care services, she still isn’t on board. Why is she resisting help?


Caregiver in Mobile AL: Senior Doesn’t Want Help

Caregiver in Mobile AL: Senior Doesn’t Want Help


Her Independence Is a Key Trait

Lots of aging adults pride themselves on having been independent for as long as they have been. Your senior might have lived through quite a life and that’s something to respect for certain. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need help now or that you’re trying to take over her life by offering help. It’s not going to make her completely dependent to accept a little bit of help.


Meeting New People Doesn’t Interest Her

Not everybody enjoys meeting new people. In fact, some people really dislike meeting new people and going through the struggle of getting to know them. This might be especially true if your senior has memory issues and worries that someone will get upset with her if they don’t know her well. Give your senior time to build a relationship with people other than you, because it might take her a little longer now.


She Honestly Doesn’t Think She Requires Help

It’s also a possibility that your senior really doesn’t believe that she needs any help at all. This might be an extension of her desire for independence, but it can also be a factor of how long she’s done things for herself. It might be difficult for her to accept help, even if it’s obvious to everyone who loves her that help would do her a lot of good.


Her Privacy Is Really Important to Her

Privacy can be a huge consideration, too. Your aging family member may feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone she doesn’t know helping her with anything at all. Again, that independence that served her so well throughout her life might be holding her back a little now. She can accept help without having to worry that her privacy will be invaded too badly. She can always set new boundaries if she’s still uncomfortable.

It’s not always easy making sure your elderly family member has what she needs, including extra help. But when you can understand why she’s responding the way that she is, sometimes it’s a little easier to get those needs met for her.


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