Quality sleep is extremely important, especially for the elderly. It can help to prevent many diseases and illnesses. If you are taking care of an elderly loved one, you should encourage better sleep with them. This could be difficult, as they may have many things going on that make them restless or agitated. However, the following tips can help you to get them to sleep better.


Caregiver in Mobile AL: Encouraging Better Sleep

Caregiver in Mobile AL: Encouraging Better Sleep



You can help your elderly loved one to sleep better by making sure they get exercise in the daytime. In addition, you should make sure they aren’t taking a nap during the day. This could cause them to become too awake later in the day and prevent them from falling asleep at bedtime. The exercise can help to tire them out, so they can get better sleep.


Physically Demanding Events Later On in the Day

If you are trying to help your elderly loved one sleep better, make sure they do all of their physically demanding events later on in the day. For example, if they are going to be having people over, do this in the late afternoon. This could help to tire them out before it is time for them to go to bed.


Peaceful Evening

The evening time is just as important as earlier on in the day. It is important that you start to calm things down in the evening. They want to be at peace and have a calm environment shortly before it is time to head to bed. This is going to help calm their mind and body. It is going to promote relaxation before bedtime, as well.


Same Bedtime Every Night

You or your loved one’s home care providers should also make sure they have the same bedtime every night. This will help them stick to a routine. Their body is going to be used to going to sleep at that same time every night and make it more likely for them to get better sleep.


Limit the Caffeine

While you should limit the amount of caffeine that your loved one gets throughout the day, you should make sure they don’t consume any caffeine from the afternoon through the evening. By limiting the caffeine during the earlier hours of the day and making sure that your loved one doesn’t consume any caffeine later in the day, they aren’t going to be full of energy when it is bedtime.

These are some of the ways to promote better sleep in your elderly loved one. Start implementing these tips right away to help your loved one get quality sleep.


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